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The Prevent2Care Nordics Call for Projects is now closed! If you would like more information about our program, please contact our teams :

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Accelerating preventive healthcare startups 

Created in 2018 on Ramsay Santé Foundation's initiative, the Prevent2Care Lab offers free support for entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions in the field of preventive healthcare in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

In partnership with the Ramsay Santé Foundation and its local structures - Capio in Sweden and Denmark, Volvat in Norway - our objective is to increase the impact and development of preventive healthcare startups across the Nordic region.


Selected startups benefit from a 9-months acceleration program delivered online with onsite events. They have also access to local medical staff and experts from the Ramsay Santé Group, the European leader in private hospitalization and primary care.

Mountain Biking

Favoriser l’adoption de bons comportements et de modes de vie sains avec en premier lieu la pratique d’activité physique et la nutrition, mais aussi la gestion du stress, le sommeil, la QVT et la lutte contre les TMS.

Sport, nutrition et modes de vie

Senior Patient

Santé mentale

Etre en bonne santé, c’est être en bonne santé physique ET mentale, en identifiant et accompagnant les personnes et situation à risques.

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Dépistage précoce et aide au diagnostic

Prévenir le développement de pathologies en permettant des dépistages précoces et une aide pour réduire l’errance de diagnostic.

Our startups 



Uses an evidence-based approach combined with a cloud-based solution to offer early intervention; as such preventing and reducing sick leaves impacting the bottom line for organizations.


Emotional AI for wellbeing in body and mind.

Mantis photonics.png

Develop and commercialize a new retinal imaging technique (hyperspectral imaging) for the early screening of ophthalmological diseases.

I Bedste Fald.png

Empower and strengthen people's ability to fall safely, so they can stand stronger.


Reduce the prevalence of anxiety disorders by developing av delivering software for VR to be used in therapy.


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Transforms data from aging electrocardiography technologies into understandable and anatomical real-time visualizations for all. 


Detects changes in your voice to prevent voice problems. These problems affect more than 1.4 million people in Sweden. 


MedBeat is a long-term non-invasive cardiac monitoring to improve arrhythmia prediction.


Ovulai develops an application for the prevention of chronic menstrual disorders such as PCOS and  soon for endometriosis.

The challenges of preventive healthcare

In order to qualify for the program, participating start-ups should address one of the following 4 healthcare challenges that have been identified with healthcare experts :

Children at School

Innovate to inform and raise awareness of preventive health actions, with priority given to the most vulnerable, the 1st essential step towards adopting preventive health behaviors.

Education to preventive healthcare

Sport, nutrition and lifestyle

Mountain Biking

Encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors and lifestyles, with a focus on physical activity and nutrition, but also stress management, sleep, quality of life at work and the fight against musculo-skeletal disorders.

Sport, nutrition and lifestyle

Senior Patient

Mental health

Being in good health means being in good physical AND mental health, by identifying and supporting people and situations at risk.

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Early screening and diagnostic solutions

Prevent the development of pathologies by enabling early screening and helping to reduce diagnostic delays.

Our impact so far

startups supported

raised by our start-ups


lives positively impacted by our start-ups

The acceleration program

The 9-month Prevent2Care Lab acceleration program combines a collective and individualized support approach based on INCO’s  acceleration methodology  that includes  exclusive support from experts from the Ramsay Santé Group. Our acceleration methodology is based on five pillars that are dedicated to provide startups with as many resources as possible.


360° diagnosis

Individual interviews to identify key areas of support and potential experimentations to set up


Monthly group workshop

- Masterclass with a field expert

-Collective Intelligence workshops

- Ask Me Anything Sessions with insiders


Monthly individual follow up

Individual meeting with our startup program manager to update progress and needs, and adapt the roadmap


European Experts

on demand

A single desk of experts available at all times to answer daily issues that startups face


Collaboration with Ramsay Santé experts


Individual meetings, mentorship or experimentation of products and services with Capio, Volvat and Ramsay Santé

Program partners


About the Ramsay Santé Foundation

Ramsay Santé Foundation is the foundation of the European leader in private hospitalization and primary care. 


Committed to a Health Prevention approach, it develops and supports dedicated actions by drawing on the Group's expertise and by forming partnerships with associations and public or private organizations


About the Ramsay Santé Group

After the successful takeover of the Swedish group Capio, the Ramsay Générale de Santé group, which was already the leader in private hospitalization in France, became one of the European leaders in comprehensive patient care at the end of 2018.
Today, the group has 36,000 employees and works with nearly 8,600 private practitioners.

Present in 5 countries, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Italy, the group treats more than 7 million patients per year in its 350 establishments.

The quality and safety of care is the group's priority in all the countries where it operates. This is why, Ramsay Santé is one of the references in modern medicine, especially in outpatient surgery and improved recovery after surgery.

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INCO Incubators supports start-ups with social and environmental impact in their development and the expansion of their solutions. Through its incubation programs and its network of start-ups in 50 countries, INCO Incubators is helping to build tomorrow's economy.

INCO Incubators is part of INCO, a global group that builds a new economy, both ecological and inclusive, through its investment activities (INCO Ventures, +€500M managed or advised), training (INCO Academy, 485,000 lives positively impacted), and consulting (INCO&Co)

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